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Ware2Go’s Partnership with the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs

October 13, 2022
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How Ware2Go and UPS are creating access to opportunity for Black entrepreneurs in Atlanta with supply chain and fulfillment resources.

What is RICE?

The Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs (RICE) is a business accelerator created to support Black entrepreneurs in the Atlanta area. Named in honor of the renowned Atlanta entrepreneur, Herman J. Russell, RICE is committed to creating access and opportunity for Black entrepreneurs to generate jobs, drive innovation, and build wealth.

Since 2018, RICE has been providing resources for entrepreneurs from product development to manufacturing and business development. Recently, they saw an opportunity to support entrepreneurs with supply chain education and resources. 

RICE realized that with the addition of supply chain and fulfillment capabilities, entrepreneurs could not only develop and launch products but could actually get those products into the hands of their customers.

What is the Logistics Launchpad?

Together, UPS and Ware2Go built a fulfillment center called the Logistics Launchpad on the RICE campus. The Logistics Launchpad contains a warehouse space fully equipped with Ware2Go’s enterprise-grade supply chain software, FulfillmentVu, and a UPS store.

Entrepreneurs who may have been storing products in their homes or a storage facility can store their inventory on the RICE campus and outsource their order fulfillment through Ware2Go.

Ware2Go’s fulfillment software, FulfillmentVU, integrates directly with entrepreneurs’ ecommerce shopping carts, and orders are automatically routed to the Logistics Launchpad. Orders are picked and packed, then shipped through the UPS store within the facility.

How will the Logistics Launchpad help grow Black businesses?

Outsourcing fulfillment through the Logistics Launchpad will allow entrepreneurs to focus on other areas of their business. They will have the freedom to develop new products and optimize their marketing strategy, rather than spending their time picking and packing orders.

Outsourcing fulfillment at an early stage of their business will also teach entrepreneurs the basics of working with a third party logistics company (3PL). When their business is ready to expand into a larger fulfillment center, they will already have experience with important supply chain functions like proper inventory management, SKU hygiene, demand forecasting, and inbound logistics.

The fulfillment and shipping services at the Logistics Launchpad will also guarantee fast shipping to their customers. Improving their end customer experience will help build greater brand affinity and ultimately grow their business.

What other ways is Ware2Go supporting RICE?

Each entrepreneur is assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM) from Ware2Go. Their CSM will help them analyze their fulfillment reporting to offer insights and advice on how to leverage their supply chain to grow their business.

Ware2Go’s in-house experts are also offering classroom instruction through the Supply Chain Accelerator program. They will teach modules on supply chain basics from procurement to inventory management.

What RICE entrepreneurs are saying.

Eva Jane Bunkley, CEO of Eva Jane Beauty, recognizes the value of having fulfillment support to free up more of her time to grow her business. 

“You can’t do it all as an entrepreneur, and sometimes being able to relinquish some tasks frees you up for the things that you’re really supposed to be doing. The addition of the Launchpad is really going to help me take my business to a new level.”

Eva Jane Bunkley, CEO of Eva Jane Beauty

Simplifying the Supply Chain

Ware2Go, a UPS Company, is on a mission to simplify the end-to-end supply chain to enable companies of all sizes to compete and grow. As part of that mission, Ware2Go is proud to partner with UPS and RICE to provide access to supply chain and fulfillment solutions for Black entrepreneurs in Atlanta. With the support of the Logistics Launchpad, RICE entrepreneurs will never be limited by supply chain challenges.

To learn more about how Ware2Go is simplifying the supply chain, take a look at our solutions. To stay up to date on all the latest supply chain and fulfillment trends, sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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