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WOMEN’S WEAR DAILY •  February 2, 2023

The $16 billion San Francisco-based retail conglomerate seeks to monetize excess capacity at its distribution centers.

RETAIL DIVE •  February 9, 2023

UPS subsidiary Ware2Go is expanding its warehouse footprint and bolstering its fulfillment options for Amazon sellers through an agreement with e-commerce platform Whitebox.

RETAIL  TOUCHPOINTS •  January 9, 2023

Inventory and last mile management can be a challenge for any retailer, but they’re particularly complex when you’re a small company whose flagship product is a 37-lb.



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“Facing a surge in e-commerce activity, big retailers are turning to a relatively new storage method, known as on-demand warehouses… Companies like Ware2Go have seen a spike in demand for their flexible warehousing solution.”

Annie Palmer

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