Smarter Fulfillment Planning

A free ecommerce app that shows you how to get faster shipping and reduce your cost to serve

What is

NetworkVu is a free network planning tool that makes it easy to design your warehouse footprint. Connect your eCommerce cart or upload your sales data and NetworkVu generates a report that shows you where to place warehouses to meet your best customers with faster delivery speeds. 

Why NetworkVu

Review cost to serve next to speed to serve to decide your best network configuration.

A native integration connects your eCommerce storefront to NetworkVu for a data analysis in minutes. Machine learning is applied to continually improve recommendations based on industry trends and your sales patterns

NetworkVu eliminates the need for expensive consultant services that can take weeks or months to complete. The tool is free to all merchants, including those that are not utilizing the Ware2Go network. 

NetworkVu applies your order history, seasonal demand trends and growth projections to recommend 3 scenarios to help you decide your ideal warehouse network footprint

NetworkVu analyzes your sales and shipping data to show you where to place warehouses and what the growth and cost impacts of the network will be for your business.

NetworkVu gave us confidence that we were building a network that could support our ecommerce sales at scale. The entire process felt purposeful and intentional, and since implementing, our direct to consumer sales have grown by 250%
Steven Gmelin, VP of Digital Sales & Strategy

How It Works

Step 1: Connect your eCommerce cart, upload your sales data, or use US population data for a quick and accurate representation of your sales data.

Step 2: NetworkVu applies data modeling and AI technology to develop your customized distribution footprint, replacing the need for strategic consulting engagements.

Step 3: Review 3 options for network optimization and gain insights into how you can serve your best customers with faster fulfillment.

NetworkVu Integrations

Convenient native app integrations make it even more simple and easy to setup through your storefront

Connect with Ware2Go

Reach out to find out how you can use NetworkVu with Ware2Go's scalable warehouse network to grow your business with 1-2 day delivery nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, NetworkVu only offers warehouse network planning for shipments from/to the 50 US states + Washington DC. 

Yes, you can run a warehouse network analysis based on US population data in the event that you don’t have sales or shipping data to upload into the application. 

No, NetworkVu is a free network analysis tool that anyone can use to improve and optimize their warehouse network planning. You can create an account and get started right away without being a Ware2Go customer.