More than 80% of online shoppers think about the environmental impact of their purchases, but less than half will choose sustainability over the convenience of 1-2 day delivery when available.

The Dilemma

Research shows that sustainability is an important purchasing factor for 88% of consumers. With ecommerce buying and the expectation for 2-day delivery at an all-time high, carbon emissions are expected to increase 30%+ by 2030.


Download the new report from Ware2Go to learn about changing consumer shopping habits and how you can increase sustainable practices, particularly in final mile delivery, to reduce your carbon footprint without losing 1-2 day delivery speeds.

What’s in the Guide:

1. About the environmental impact of the eCommerce boom

2. Consumers top concerns around sustainable shipping

3. The disconnect between intentions and behaviors of eco-conscious consumers

4. How to offer fast, convenient and sustainable delivery options to consumers

Sustainability in the Final Mile

Balancing Sustainable Shipping
with Fast Delivery

Download your guide to sustainability in the final mile and exceed expectations of today’s ecommerce shoppers.

“O2 exists to be a force for positive change, but as we’ve grown, so has our carbon impact. Achieving carbon neutrality and maintaining 2-day shipping speeds are both very important to us and our customers.”

Dave Colina | CEO, O2 Sports Recovery

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